Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ben Folds Produces William Shatner


Ben Folds Produces William Shatner
By Paul Cashmere

Some 35 years after the release of his first album, William Shatner is about to deliver 'Has Been', produced by Ben Folds. 'Has Been' features an interesting array of guests including Aimee Mann, Joe Jackson and Henry Rollins. Shatner sings a duet with Joe Jackson on the cover of the Pulp hit 'Common people'. Shatner's 'Has Been' will be released in October.


1. "Common People" (with Joe Jackson)
2. "It Hasn't Happened Yet"
3. "You'll Have Time"
4. "Trying" (with Ben Folds and Aimee Mann)
5. "What Have You Done"
6. "Together" (with Lemon Jelly)
7. "Familiar Love"
8. "Ideal Woman"
9. "Has Been "
10. "I Can't Get Behind That" (with Henry Rollins)
11. "Real" (with Brad Paisley)

...I've heard 2 songs on KCRW (Common People and You'll Have Time)...and they kinda rock. It's like those commericals (i.e., spoken word) but a bit more rockin.

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