Sunday, June 26, 2005

3 more days...

wettest spot on the planet...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Blogger Help : How do I post pictures?

Blogger Help : How do I post pictures?

Well I had to try out the new Blogger tool for posting pictures. Not bad. Obviously a lot simpler than the old fashioned way.

Ah the memories of high school basketball. Ain't nothing like putting on your black socks for that oh so special game.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Doves @ The Wiltern

Just got back from seeing a fantastic Doves show at the Wiltern. They have a lot of good songs from their 3 albums and they played most of them. I love the old stuff...I love the new stuff...and the middle stuff I used to love until I listened to it too many times (that's still a compliment right?).

Setlist (As far as 'someone on the messageboard' remembers):
Where We're Calling From
Almost Forgot Myself
Sea Song
Sky Stars Falling
Caught by the River
Black and White Town
Last Broadcast
One of These Days
The Cedar Room
Here It Comes
Walk in Fire
There Goes the Fear
Plus they had a great lighting setup and my favorite at concerts: random videos playing in the background. I've officially added "Director of Random Concert Visuals/Videos" to the career list (the dreamy, not so serious career list). Where else can you force people to watch your film about birds sitting on a telephone wire or about 1970's russian youths who wear tank tops and bellbottoms and breakdance like gumby?

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Getaway Thursday: chadWAYS

Ah getaway Thursday...ain't nothing like the day you leave for a trip. The excitement was enough to keep me happily singing to my iPod while sitting in pointless traffic (is there any other kind?).

This weekend's festivites are in honor of my high school buddy's departure. In less than a month, young Chad will officially move out of bachelordom and into MarriedLand. Oh how the mighty have fallen. After a flight to SF and a birthday dinner for our buddy Joe, 10 of us will take off tomorrow in a 30' RV. Thankfully, we have liqour-fearing mormon as our lifetime designated driver.

Anyhow, apparently someone enjoyed the movie Sideways a bit too much as our first stop will be in Napa Valley for a bit o' wine tasting. I'm actually pretty excited about seeing Napa. My sister went there and her pic's were beautiful. That and I'm eager to visit the birthplace of Mark "Big Dog" Devany. (You might remember him from such classic reality shows as BLIND DATE). From there its on to Lake Tahoe for some lake fun (boat, bbq, etc.) at our buddy's house. I haven't been to Tahoe since I was a wee toddler so I'm looking forward to seeing it once again. I think overall, hanging out with my buddies in an RV should be a good time. I'll let you know how it goes. Thank god I recently bought a 1GB card for my camera...I'm pretty sure I can take 1024 pictures of the inside of an RV.

Question of the day:
This all makes me wonder...when and where was the FIRST bachelor party? Who started this tradition? Maybe strippers invented it much like Hallmark invented Valentine's day.
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