Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 4 Sports Moments of 2006

#4: Texas vs. USC (Rose Bowl)

#3: Dodgers vs. Padres (4 HR's)

#2: UCLA vs. USC

#1: UCLA vs. Gonzaga

Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me (Mar. 9. 2007)
New Adam Sandler/Don Cheadle movie...looks good. Serious.
(plus it has a Pearl Jam cover of The Who's 'Love Reign O'er Me')

Friday, December 29, 2006

SciAm: Most Important Science Stories of 2006

Gotta get back to my roots with this article:

Most Important Science Stories of 2006 (Scientific American)

Highlights include:
  • Astronomers Relegate Pluto to Dwarf Status

  • The Passing of Steve Irwin

  • Overfishing Could Take Seafood off the Menu by 2048

  • Tiny Chip Converts Paraplegic's Thought into Action

  • Eric gets Ph.D.

And related: The Art of Science - 2006 Gallery

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Day Break...Alive on the Internet

ABC said that new episodes will become available online at the same time they would normally have aired -- at 9:00 p.m. on Wednesdays.
Oh well. Better than not having any resolution at all. Its a pretty entertaining show. I'd just rather have it on my Tivo than on my computer. I seriously think I'm the only one who watches this show, so from me to you ABC, thanks for thinking of me! Oh, I guess there is one other viewer out there. Looking for the news on Day Break I found a message from one lady who says she could eat Taye Diggs like a soft serve ice cream cone. Yeah...I'm actually more into it for the plot (and I guess his hot gf...some native american girl - my people!)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thom Yorke From The Basement

The first episode of Nigel Godrich's From The Basement is up for sale. Check out the audio of the two Thom Yorke tracks. I'm not one to criticize Radiohead in ANY WAY but I have to admit I prefer the full band version of Down is The New Up. But Videotape is one of my favorites...without or without the band.

Thom Yorke - Down is The New Up (mp3)
Thom Yorke - Videotape (mp3)

Monday, December 18, 2006

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Office: Ho No Mo

I love The Office...hilarious 1hr Xmas episode last night. Shades of the scene from The 40 yr Old Virgin ('She was a' sho'). Next time I'm at Benihana's I'm ordering Andy's Nagasaki (Egg Nog and Sake)...apparently they won't always make it..."probably cuz the Egg Nog is seasonal". Dinken Flicka!

Metric covers Elliott Smith (dhh)

Dance Hall Hips has one of my favorite Elliott Smith songs , 'Between the Bars', as covered by Metric. Yet another great version. Just one more to add to my Between the Bars mega-mix...

Grant Buell - Between the Bars (piano; mp3)
Elliott Smith- Between the Bars (mp3)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

LOST Moment #5

Am I the only one watching DayBreak?? I love that show...

God Saved The Magic Mountain more 'Goodbye MagicMountain'! Wally World lives on!

Curbed LA: Magic Mountain Saved

My 400th Post...dang!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Damien Rice @ The Orpheum/12.08.06

Saw yet another amazing concert from Damien Rice on Friday at a very cool venue in Downtown LA. The Orpheum, which opened with its very ornate architecture in 1926 to showcase vaudeville acts, was the perfect place to see someone like Damien. I have to say this might be one of my favorite concerts that I've attended...really good music, sung with the intensity that only Damien can bring (seriously, I can't think of one other singer that comes close in terms of sincere passion for his music). The stage was perfectly lit and the acoustics were fantastic.

-Played 'Woman Like a Man' of my favorites. Very rockin' (check my loud YouTube clip)
-Played a very good guitar-based version of '9 Crimes' (usually on piano)
-It was the day after his birthday (33rd...which means I have 2 years to get as talented) and the opening band (a very good Swell Season - more Irish folkies) gave him a lucha libre mexican wrestler mask which he wore throughout the entire performance of 'Me, My Yoke and I'.
-Damien walked off stage for a bit due to some jetlag (fell asleep standing up while performing apparently). This was fine because it allowed Vyvienne (his cellist) to play a song. She played one of her own this time (usually plays covers), The Motorway Song. I can never tell what she looks like from my seats but she has the cutest voice/demeanor.
-Got to hear some new bits that I have never heard before like 'Is That It, My Friend' and 'Green Eyes' (?) by Lisa.

1 Delicate
2 Woman Like a Man
3 Nine Crimes - on guitar
4 Me, My Yoke, and I (with Lucha Libre mask on)
5 Slow
6 Rootless Tree
7 Cannonball
8 The Animals Were Gone
9 Is that it My Friend
10 Elephant (partial)
11 The Motorway Song (by Vyvienne)
12 Elephant
13 Volcano
14 Grey Room
15 I Remember
16 Green Eyes? (by Lisa)
17 Accidental Babies
18 The Blower's Daughter

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Clip of new Radiohead on From The Basement

(Trailer from From The Basement)

From The Basement is a music series that features the most intimate live performances from the finest musicians on the planet.

From The Basement sets a new standard for music TV production. The show is beautifully filmed in high-definition at Maida Vale studios in London with the live sound by producer Nigel Godrich. From The Basement has no host and no studio audience, instead the artist and their performance take centre stage.

The first episode is very special. From The Basement launches with Thom Yorke on the piano exclusively performing songs from the new Radiohead album, alongside incredible performances from The White Stripes and an improvised collaboration between Four Tet’s Kieran Hebden and genius drummer Steve Reid.

Each episode’s performances will be available via download only to allow repeated viewings. Downloads are available right here and from iTunes.

From The Basement launches on the 18th December.

I'm very excited about the launch of this Nigel Godrich project not only because I wish I was Nigel Godrich but because the first episode will include 2 new songs from Radiohead which were 2 of my favorites on the last tour ('Down Is The New Up' and 'Videotape'). That and I'm also a fan of FourTet (Kieran Hebden).

Radiohead - Videotape (.mp3)
Radiohead - Down Is The New Up (.mp3)

New Damien Rice Video - 9 Crimes

Whoa...I'd usually put this video here cuz I'm a big fan of Damien Rice but I'm also putting it here because its absolutely... well...creepy-hilarious? Definitely stick around to see the ending. Simply...well, you'll see.

And if you are a fan, check out his new website

Monday, December 04, 2006

Demetri Martin: Clearification

New stuff from my favorite comedian, an animated Demetri Martin. And as Stereogum notes, "It's 10+ minutes, so if you're interrupted, you can choose between digressions using the "Thoughts" menu." Check out the Episodes...really good stuff.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Hot Fuzz

From the makers of Shaun of the Dead

oh HELL yeah!

That's what I'm talking about!!! Great day.
(I'm so tired...and my voice is gone)

Friday, December 01, 2006

Build Me Up (some new furniture) Buttercup - Go Bruins!

HD Buttercup, a furniture store in Culver City, will give you free furniture if the UCLA Bruins beat the USC Trojans. There is a $2000 minimum purchase, but there is no maximum on the amount of furniture that you can buy. You must purchase the furniture before the football game which is on 12/2.

Have all the free press you want Mr. Buttercup (typical trojan last name). I can't wait to see the free press you get come Saturday night as you put up the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs in your front window.

**I've now been informed that Senor Buttercup is in fact a BRUIN. It makes perfect sense...he's just hedging his bet. Bruins lose, he makes money. Bruins win, he's out of business but his Bruins beat those bastard Trojans. Well played Buttercup...well played.

LOST Moment #3

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