Monday, February 28, 2005

when the hell did this happen?

Heidi Klum is engaged to Seal??? Wow...good for him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

New Name (for the moment)

I'm going with 'Apartment 9'. Even though Dave has yet to honor us with his prose, I thought I would honor him by changing the name of the blog from one stupid name to another. And since we used to live in Apt 9...I thought why not. Hopefully he won't get wasted on Strohs 80 (as in 80% alcohol by volume) and vomit in our tree. If only I had a picture of that moment...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Long Live El Camino...I mean...El Nino!

Wow...woke up at 3am last night to the sound of the sky falling on my roof. Thunder, lightning, hail...the whole shabanger. And we're not talking, "my favorite kind of sized ice" hail, I'm talking big chunks off of a glacier type HAIL. Haven't see weather like that in LA since I was a wee lad. According to the doppler map above, I 1) live in Northwest Inglewood and 2) was covered by a big red blotch last night at 2:54am.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tetris Radiohead

Tetris Radiohead

Play Tetris with images and music of Radiohead...

Radiohead News | More on The Weird Sisters from 'Goblet of Fire'

Apparently Jonny and Phil (of Radiohead) are gonna be in the next Harry Potter movie...sweet!


Cocker and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood and drummer Phil Selway will be seen as part of a wizard rock band called The Weird Sisters, which plays at a Yule Ball held in the Hogwarts Great Hall, which is transformed into a shimmering silver wonderland with a stage made of ice.

Check out more here:
Radiohead News More on The Weird Sisters from 'Goblet of Fire'

Saturday, February 12, 2005

hey willpower

hey willpower

Saw these guys at The Echo They got choreography going and everything. I think they are gonna give the Happy Boys a run for their money.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Gizoogle - Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit

Gizoogle - Fo all you beotches who wanna find shiznit

Hilarious translation of any webpage.

Check out the Snoopified version of this here blog...

The Phizat version of Cathy's blog...
  • Jizzazz Hands
    So I'm tak'n this dance class hizzy at a rizzle dance studio
    n it's snoopa fun n' shit! Today was mah second day n I
    knizzow already thizzat I'm going ta be sore tomorrow
    cuz its a doggy dog world.

The Playa Hatin' version of Pam's blog...

  • Bizzle once again
    I'm gett'n in on tha secret S-H-to-tha-izzow action again.
    Aint no killin' everybodys chillin'. Tonight Bizzay is
    weed-smokin' at tha Echo

Monday, February 07, 2005

Doves: Some Cities (Feb 21- 2005)

I've been listening to the new Doves for the past week and as usual its grown on me. I've always liked the Doves since their first CD so I've tended to have high expectations when their next 2 CD's came out. But after a thorough listening (repeated numerous times on the ipod) I can now give it a solid 'Coldbrains41' recommendation.

Check out for a much more insightful review and an mp3 of one of my favorite tracks, One of These Days. My other favorite tracks are Some Cities, Almost Forgot Myself, Snowden, and Walk in Fire.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

AdJab Superbowl Ad Blogging

Live Superbowl Ad Blogging at AdJab

So far (and the game is almost over) my favorite is the simple ad for Bud Light where the skydiving plane pilot jumps out after the six pack of Bud Light. Ah subtle humor. Did you like that one Cathy? Or were they too busy showing Pacifico commercials in Guadalajara?

UPDATE: Damn, I was pulling for the Eagles. But congrats to the Pats...and all New Englanders who LIVE in the New England area and weren't just born there before moving to Los Angeles. On the plus side, the Pats didn't cover the spread so I no longer have to get a tattoo (the result of a pre-game Double-or-Nothing bet with Dave from the 909 - I lost a superbowl tattoo bet years ago when the Raiders lost...just been REALLY slow in getting my tattoo).

By the way, after weeks of contract negotiations with his agent, 909 Dave, aka FUN Dave, will be guest blogging here in the near future.

I'm a LOSER why don't you kill me...

Saw this yesterday and got really really excited:

“secret” Beck show in LA
from a friend in LA:
Saturday, February 5th

Club 1650 Hollywood, CA
Tickets on sale 6pm at the door,
$10 cash only
Doors open at 8pm. 21+ over

So I get my good friends...we get there early...we get tickets aplenty...we get excited. We walk to Roscoe's...we eat chicken and waffles...we are happy. We walk back to 1650...we stand in line...I realize I lost my ticket...I'm not happy. I search my pockets...I search my wallet...I search my car...I am a jackass. I drive home and bitch on my BLOG while Beck plays his secret show. I wish it was even more secret so I didn't know about it at all.

Atleast I had chicken and waffles.

[UPDATE: Thanks to Pam and Becky I was able to see a few pictures from the show as it was happening as well as listen to about 4-5 songs via Becky's cellphone. Thanks guys! That was the second best thing to NOT losing my ticket. And Becky said there will be another not-so-secret show at 1650 in the near future...with a pre-sale and everything.]

Here's the setlist from

02.05.05 :
Los Angeles, CA :
Club 1650 - 1650 Schrader Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
OPENER: Har Mar Superstar

Black Tambourine
Guess I'm Doing Fine
We Dance Alone
Rental Car
Emergency Exit
Broken Drum
Hell Yes
Knock Out Remain
--Get Real Paid

We Dance Alone sounded pretty cool as I listened over the phone. Too bad it didn't make it the final cut and end up on Guero.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Band of the Day: Grand National

I've been listening to this CD for the past week and I think its time to share its greatness with y'all. It comes close to reminding me of the Kings of Convenience remix CD Versus which I find immensely better than KoC's original material (well, its atleast less depressing). Like Versus, Grand National has a bass/beat heavy sound that plays below mellow vocals. Actually, listening to their voices right now (on the track North Sound Off) their vocals almost sound like the Police.

Sample their songs in their Audio/Video Section - I recommend Drink to Moving On

So is this an official genre now? Indie Dance Music or something like that? I love South and Franz Ferdinand and bands that are "indie" but definitely make their audience move their feet. The new Ian Brown CD Solarized kind of fits in this category too. I've always liked the UNKLE tracks he does vocals on. I should have been a bass player.

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