Monday, October 30, 2006

NBA Action...It's FANtastic!

In honor of the start of the NBA season,
my all-time favorite basketball clip...

And of course the best part of the NBA...fantasy sports. Here's my team:

White Shadow

Rd Pick Player Position
1. (5) G. Arenas PG
2. (20) Y. Ming C
3. (29) L. Odom SF,PF
4. (44) P. Stojakovic SF
5. (53) S. Marbury PG
6. (68) R. Hamilton SG
7. (77) D. Gooden PF
8. (92) S. Livingston PG
9. (101) T. Chandler C
10. (116) J. Przybilla C
11. (125) K. Martin SG
12. (140) R. Rondo PG,SG

Friday, October 27, 2006

the Autumns

Ah favorite time of the year (or atleast it used to its kinda tied with winter, spring and summer). Autumn ranks in my top four seasons because I'm a fan of that special autumn feeling that somehow develops out of crisp weather, football and basketball seasons, thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), November (my favorite month), my birthday (Nov. 4) and the beginning of snowboarding season. (Note: As a Californian, "autumn leaves" don't mean much to me)

Apparently Autumn also inspires more than just some lonely blogger. as evidenced by the band The Autumns. I randomly first saw The Autumns open for another band (no recollection as to that band's name) at The Whiskey back in 1998 or 99. My roommates gf was old schoolmates with band #2's lead singer who coincidentally was dating the lead singer of The Autumns, Matthew Kelly (a Ryan Phillippe lookalike). In any case, I was blown away by the "shoegazing" melodies, the guitarists' range from subtle to powerful, and above all the lead singer's vocals. I've since bought their 3 LP's and 2 of their 5 EP's and seen them perform live a number of times. (Pissed I didn't go to the Troub show last week)

Apparently they are finishing up their latest album...their first since 2004. Looking forward to it...

The Autumns - Sunblush (.mp3)

The Autumns - Boy with the Aluminum Stilts (.mp3)

The Autumns - Cattleya (.mp3)
The Autumns - The End (.mp3)
The Autumns - Slumberdoll (.mp3)


Found this new Muse song on the Hype Machine recently. I guess its a B-side for Starlight...pretty good for a B-side in my opinion.

- Easily (.mp3 B-side) - go buy
MUSE - Muscle Museum (Soulwax Remix) - courtesy of Palms Out Sounds

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Damn You Jeff Samardzija

Well, my weekend trip to Chicago and South Bend started on Thursday night and ended on Sunday afternoon. This means that I can safely say that out of a possible 63 hours of fun, I had an amazing trip for exactly 62 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds. Who stole those 30 seconds of joy from me?
Jeff 'friggin' Samardzija that's who. Or was it? Actually, I'm gonna pardon that punk for now and point the finger at Offensive Coordinator Jim Svoboda. So all in all, I'm blaming anyone with an F'd up last name. Feel free to let Jim know how you feel about his decision to run straight up the middle on the last possession at

But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

Highlights from the weekend include:
  • A Bruin-filled Southwest flight from LAX
  • Matt forcing the flight attendant from her spot in the back by destroying the bathroom even before we took off
  • Playing hold 'em poker using Southwest peanuts as chips
  • Staying at the trendy W hotel on the lake (for only $150...thanks
  • Going out until 4am (I heart Chicago)
  • Packing into Dave's Tundra and driving 2 hours to South Bend and MISHAWAKA!
  • Checking out Casa Nguyen/Francisco - homeownership rules!
  • Rockin' Friday night in the Bend: TGI Friday's, Walmart and Trivial Pursuit until 1AM


We had an amazing tailgate (within 200 yds of the famed stadium) and an all in all amazing game (our seats were SO close). I don't feel like talking about what happened in the actual game anymore so go read about it somewhere else.

The post trip highlight...of course, getting on the airport shuttle from Budget Rental with the one, the only... Gallagher (and his mallet of course). Coincidentally we were all chewing watermelon flavored bubble joke.

Monday, October 23, 2006

UCLA @ Notre Dame

Great seats...but my
-more details to follow-

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

UCLA +14...take 'em!

"The Bruins and Fighting Irish (5-1) are meeting for the first time in 42 years, with Notre Dame having won both previous games -- 27-12 in 1963 and 24-0 the following season."

Been waiting for this one since it was added to the schedule about 2 years ago (I think). The weekend has finally arrived. I fly Thursday from LAX to Chicago and will be driving to the mighty South Bend (yes, that's in glorious Indiana) on Friday to prepare for what looks to be a somewhat chilly tailgate come Saturday morning. We've got 7 Bruin fans in our immediate group and 4 tickets - anyone got extras? Looks like we'll be ponying up $200 each for the last few. Why oh why would anyone pay that much money to watch UCLA play #10 Notre Dame? I don't know either but I just may be one of those people. Something about the tradition and history of Notre Dame. I mean, they have Touchdown Jesus for Christ's sake (pun intended). Should be a good time no matter the outcome. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Bruins take the Irish on a last second QB keeper TD (as he's pushed into the endzone by Chris Markey).

Speaking of the UCLA QB...check this out:

Complicating things for the Bruins this week is a freak injury to backup quarterback Patrick Cowan, who will make his second career start Saturday. Coach Karl Dorrell said Monday that Cowan got punched in the throat while being sacked, causing him to lose his voice on the final series. Dorrell relied on receivers to shuttle plays to the huddle and communicate them.

On the trip back to Los Angeles, Cowan's throat swelled up and he coughed up blood, Dorrell said. Cowan was under a doctor's orders not to speak Monday.

So what if Cowan has little or no voice come Saturday in noisy Notre Dame Stadium?

"We're going to have to find a means of communication," Dorrell said.

That can't be good for the team...

New Shins Disc (Jan 23)

The tracklist for Wincing the Night Away:

1. 'Sleeping Lessons'
2. 'Australia'
3. 'Pam Berry'
4. 'Phantom Limb'
5. 'Sea Legs'
6. 'Red Rabbits'
7. 'Turn on Me'
8. 'Black Wave'
9. 'Spilt Needles'
10. 'Girl Sailor'
11. 'A Comet Appears'"

The Shins - Saint Simon (.mp3) -
go buy more Shins
(my all-time favorite trackfrom The Shins)

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New Damien Rice B-Side: “Rat Within The Grain”

Good Weather for Airstrikes » Damien Rice: “Rat Within The Grain”
Good Weather for Airstrikes has the B-side to Damien's first single ('9 Crimes') off his new album due out next month. Yet another great acoustic gem from Mr. Rice. And apparently another track off that's actually on the new album is 21 and half minutes long...that could be a bit tedious.
"...I wouldnt' want you to want to be wanted by me,
I wouldn't want you to worry you'd be drown within my sea.
Only wanted to be wonderful and wonderful is true,
in truth I only really wanted to be wanted by you."

Friday, October 13, 2006

Kasabian & Mew @ The Fonda/Oct.11 '06

Went to see Mew open for Kasabian at the Fonda last night. Mew were great as always but I definitely think they shine a bit more when they when they played by themselves at the Troubadour awhile back. The 2003 Band of the Year in Denmark would generally be placed in the Indie or Progressive Rock category but sometimes the band thinks of themselves as "pretentious art rock". Yeah...I'd go for that. Especially considering the psychedelic animations they have playing behind them during their shows.

Kasabian, named after Linda Kasabian (a member of the Charles Manson cult), hails from England (not Glendale). They seem to fall under the electronica-indie rock fusion category...if such a category exists. All I know is, it makes me move my feet. Remind me a bit of the Stone Roses. Plus, they apparently have bigger egos than Oasis. Check out this quote and others from Stereogum:

“Look at our single ‘Empire’. We’re possibly the only band apart from Radiohead that changes tempo with a new single we’ve put out and no band dares do it, you know. We’re like a futuristic Led Zeppelin man with strings on, and electronic on it. ... We gave Radiohead a good run [at the V Festival]. I mean, you’re talking about a band that’s been around for about ten or twelve years, they’re massive and we just put our next single out. That’s all we’ve done and it was incredible. The response was wonderful. It was almost as if we were headlining the whole festival."

Kasabian - L.S.F. (.mp3)
Kasabian @ MySpace
Mew - Comforting Sounds (.mp3)
Mew @ Myspace

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My newest, favorite comedian: Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin
"I think the worst time to have a heart attack is during a game of charades."

Saw this guy on Conan O'brien last night...he's hilarious.

Kate and Charlie?!?!?

Whaaaaaaa!!?!? No not in reality. I guess Evangeline and Dominic (the real actors) are dating in real life. Apparently this has been going on since last year. Apparently she has bad taste.

I thought I loved you Evangeline...but just like short british guys.

Driveshaft - You All Everybody (.mp3)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Guitar Hero II Final Tracklist

"Totaling 40 tunes in all, spread over eight difficulty levels, the sequel to our Best Music Game of 2005 seems to have an even wider range of rock-oriented music than the first time out. From Guns 'N Roses to the Police to Dick Dale, Guitar Hero II runs the gamut of rock."

My favorites include:
Danzig - Mother
Van Halen - You Really Got Me (.mp3) (one of the first songs I learned to play)
Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son (a UCLA Marching Band classic)
Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of
Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Finally, A New Troubadour Website

Troubadour 2.0
They've had an old school website for ages it gets a very nice update

Friday, October 06, 2006

Off to see The Killers...

Going to see The Killers on Saturday at the Wiltern...better be good. This is my first attempt to see them since getting denied at the Troubadour a few years back when they wouldn't let us pick up our tickets using our friend's ID. The will call girl (who no longer works there) is still on my list of people I would snipe if I ever went crazy (also includes my high school basketball coach, all parking citation officers and my two crazy Italian neighbors from 2 apartments back). Anyways, I'm not expecting much from the "dewey" Brandon Flowers (Pam thinks he's "dewey"...i have no idea what that means). I wasn't very impressed with their live performance on SNL but felt better about it after some of their songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live (and they defintely aren't the best actors). Here is my favorite song from their new album 'Sam's Town':

The Killers - "Read My Mind"
(.mp3) - Buy it
courtesy of Orangejello Lemonjello - check out their review of Sam's Town (All filler, no killer)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Previously on Lost...

'A Tale of Two Cities' - SEASON PREMIERE
In the season premiere episode, Jack, Kate and Sawyer begin to discover what they are up against as prisoners of 'The Others.

Friggin' finally! I've repressed my obsession for Lost the last 4+ months...tonight it all comes flooding out again.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rodrigo y gusta

I do love me the classical, flamenco-style guitarists...hence, I do love me the Rodrigo y Gabriela. Not only are they an amazing duo of guitarists but they mix in the occasional Metallica, Led Zep and Pink Floyd covers (not to mention Dave Brubeck's Take fav jazz song). I will be missing their show tomorrow night at Hotel Cafe (nothing gets between me and LOST), but I'm definitely getting tickets for their Oct. 28th show at the Temple Bar.

From their press release:
"Rodrigo (Sanchez) and Gabriela (Quintero) are two fast-fingered, Dublin-based, Mexicans with a unique sound created on acoustic guitars......Rod and Gab are two lifelong heavy metal fanatic Mexicans living in Dublin, Ireland, playing hispano and latin influenced acoustic guitars that come on with the rush of a full rock band, drum kit and all."
Rodrigo y Gabriela:
Myspace - Website
MP3: One / Take 5 (Metallica / Paul Desmond)
MP3: Orion (Metallica)
October 4 - Hotel Cafe
October 28 - Temple Bar

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