Saturday, October 23, 2010

SETLIST: Kill the Walkman

Sony Kills The Cassette Walkman On The iPod's Birthday  [GIZMODO] - Sony stops making cassette walkmens finally and it turns out to coincide with the iPod's 9th Bday...yeah, I had no idea they were still making cassette anythings.  It was a good 30 years Walkman...I'll never forget you bulky yellow version!

Live Nation to Power Concert Listings, Ticket Sales in iTunes 10 [TECHCRUNCH] - Makes sense that these two massive corporations would get together.  I didn't mention it above but the social network will also have concert listings/recommendations.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We don't need no stinking instruments

What do you do if you all your band's instruments get stolen?  Buy 4 iPhones I guess.  Pretty good song considering the circumstances...

I'm sure they won't be the last to use the iPhone as their instrument but I'm also glad to read about the new Rock Band 3 that's coming out next week and actually teaches people how to play a REAL guitar:
"You're actually playing the real notes, which is amazing in the sense that you can go and play that song after you're done learning it on your console."  [Gizmodo]
Follow the link to watch a video demo of the new 'more than just 5 buttons' guitar.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Belle and Sebastian with the Best Music Promo Ever (so far...)

Inside every copy of Belle and Sebastian’s new album Write About Love is a unique code which you will enter here and then write 300 words about love, in any sense of the word. Why you love. Who you love. What you love. Where you love. Anything. Just write about love.
Then Belle and Sebastian will pick a winner (henceforth referred to as “Lucky”) and Stuart Murdoch will fly out to Lucky’s hometown, hang out with Lucky for an afternoon, and write and record a song about Lucky which will then be released on an exclusive Belle and Sebastian 7″ later in 2011. [Matador Records]
Awesome and creative. I'm sure we'll see more and more bands do things like this to get people to actually buy music.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

How Do You Teach Boy Scouts About Downloading Music? By Pretending It Doesn't Exist

How Do You Teach Boy Scouts About Downloading Music? By Pretending It Doesn't Exist:
"So how can Scouters teach ethical behavior related to music downloading? One way: Set a good example. When you haul around Scouts in your car, for example, only play CDs that you've purchased. If you play CDs that you've burned-even if they're legal-your Scouts may not recognize the difference between those and the pirated CDs friends have given them." [Gizmodo]
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