Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Got 10 minutes?

Radiohead @ Hwood Bowl - Night 2

Radiohead Cover Neil Young - Video - Stereogum

Night 2...oh night 2. Amazing setlist but slightly less enjoyable since my seats weren't as good as the pit for night 1. Got to hear the above cover, some Eraser action, Fake Plastic Trees, Karma Police, and a lil True Love Waits intro to EIIRP. Excellent. Overall...Lucky from Night 1 was my favorite moment.

Monday, August 25, 2008

RH: Night 1 at the Bowl

Wow...yet another amazing show. This is my fav pic.
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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Muse + Streets = Brit Rage?

Muse happy with leaked Streets collaboration | Music | "'The MP3 floating around ... was the result of a late-night jam session and something we did for a bit of a laugh featuring a blues riff we have been playing live recently upon which Skinner recorded some vocals. It is not intended to be a serious release so we are happy for it to be leaked unofficially.'"

Muse & The Streets - Who Knows Who (.mp3)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Thom posts mp3s on his WASTE-Central Page

From the ateaseweb messageboard (since I don't spend too much time at my WASTE Central page)...."little 1 minute loop called 'robot reckoner celeste 2'

Thom Yorke - robot reckoner celeste 2 (.mp3)

earlier (youtube) version from DAS/Hodiau Direkton :

He has actually tagged the file as track 10 of 14 of "sketches".

Thom also previously posted this:
a day off in chicago after playing lolloplozo yesterday. im so relieved as on monday i was on a train in the Uk coming back from the seaside sick as a dog and panicking. we hastily cancelled a proposed secret show in a chicago and i travelled a day later. it is very stressful when you get sick and there is nothing you can do and you have a huge show coming up. you feel low and powerless and try so hard to not freak out.
in the end it worked out. i m amazed anybody could see anything as there was 75,000 people at the festival yesterday. and it was so hot.
so hot.
ive added a new track called eraser infinite which is me manipulating jonny's piano chords from eraser.. snds like messians organ works.. well ok - a bit- good for the morning

Thom Yorke - eraser infinite (.mp3)

Friday, August 01, 2008

August is Radiohead Month

Excited to finally greet August. Mr. Mailman was nice enough to deliver my pit tickets for night 1 at the Hollywood Bowl and (hopefully) will be seeing the guys at APW one week from today. Above is a shirt I made that I plan to wear to the shows.

Gnarls Barkley - Reckoner cover (.mp3)
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