Monday, September 27, 2010

Is Video Killing the Concert Vibe? [WSJ]

At most concerts these days, when the houselights go down, the tiny glowing screens go up. As more fans mark the moments with smartphones, cameras and pocket-sized video recorders, a new kind of digital divide is emerging. Music lovers who try to document and share the essence of concerts are squaring off against those who think that just defeats the purpose. The debate is drawing participants from both sides of the stage. [WSJ]

John Jurgensen's recent WSJ article touches on an interesting debate that I've had with myself on a number of occasions.  I love concerts and I love photography, so yes, I'm often one of the 100 people at your show taking pictures and some video of your band up on stage.  Am I the guy that takes a thousand images of the same basic shot?  No.  Am I the guy that takes pictures of himself in front of the band as they play to prove to his friends that he was there?  Definitely not.  Nor am I the guy that takes a picture and then has to show it to all the people around them.  Each of those things is FRIGGIN' annoying...everyone agrees.  But beyond the affect on the people around you, if you are too busy with your camera, you are missing out on enjoying the show.  Mind you, at least in LA, I'd say there are about a good 40+% that aren't there to listen to the band...but that's another post for another time.

In the past, I've found myself so consumed with capturing the moment (for my own memory) that I was no longer enjoying the show for the show itself.  I wasn't living in the moment, I was living in the 10 moments in the future when I'd look at those pictures.  I now realize that's not worth it.  So what I do now...and what I propose to all amateur concert photographers...let's do what the pro's do.  You always see professional photographers for music mags or music blogs (like Sung from LosAnjealous or MySugarSpun) taking their shots for the first 3 songs or so...then they are escorted out of the photographer's pit.  I now limit myself to pics from the first few songs...and maybe 1 video.  Then I put the camera away, and focus on building my own memory of the band, the music and the people and not the aperture of my Canon s90.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Google Instant-ized iTunes

Stephen Ou, a 15-year-old developer from the Bay Area, whipped up iTunes Instant as an alternative, and it's pretty much perfect: streamlined, minimalist iTunes searching and absolutely nothing else.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

SETLIST: iTunes' PING, Google Music Hiring, Ashes

Ping, a Social Network for iTunes  [LA TIMES] - Pretty interesting new edition of iTunes is out today.  Biggest change is its' music-centered social network, PING.  Basically its a Facebook-like feed of your friends and followees music purchases, reviews and recommendations.  Has potential to be a very important new music recommendation service for people and will definitely be huge for Apple as any new music your friend likes, can easily be purchased within iTunes.  One cool feature is a sidebar that aggregates the top songs purchased/liked by people in your "network".  This probably is not good for one of my favorite companies, Last.FM.

[UPDATE:  Scratch that...Ping will die.  Just found out it only takes into account music you purchase via iTunes.  I can easily say that less than 1% of my collection has come via the iTunes Store]

Live Nation to Power Concert Listings, Ticket Sales in iTunes 10 [TECHCRUNCH] - Makes sense that these two massive corporations would get together.  I didn't mention it above but the social network will also have concert listings/recommendations.

Why the Music Business Needs a New iTunes [ALL THINGS DIGITAL] - Universal Music Group saw sales continue to drop in Q2 (-2.8%) despite increasing digital revenues.  Go share some UMG bands with your friends on Ping and make them less sad.

Google Goes Hunting for Music Boss [ALL THINGS DIGITAL] - Oh to have a job combining my love of music and Google.  Too much pressure and too many expectations though...Lets hope they find someone good.  

When Drinking Means You Formed a Band  [HOLIDAY MATINEE] - I have always been a fan of using a half empty beer bottle as a musical instrument...dying to see what this musically demarcated bottles really sound like.  Could be the most amazing or most beautiful night at a bar if every drunkard was harmonizing.

Ashes to Vinyl [GIZMODO] - I now know how I want my remains taken care of when I die.  Not even joking, I am SO doing this.  Great Grandchildren...prepare to listen to OK Computer as heard through my ashes.  (I was going for humor but that actually gave me chills...the good kind)
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