Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lebowski Fest 2005

Lebowski Fest West - LA!

Right on Dude, right on! This should be quite an event. Who's in for some ROCKIN' on Friday night at the Knitting Factory followed by some ROLLIN' Saturday at Cal Bowl? Check out the stellar lineup:

Fri, Mar 25th Pre-Party - @ The Knitting Factory
Live music, unique performances, midnight movie
-Peter Stormare (Uli the Nihilist / Karl Hungus)
-Jack Kehler (Marty the Landlord)
-SKL - Performing as Autobahn
-Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
and much, much more...

Sat, Mar 26th Main Event - Cal Bowl
Bowling, costume, trivia contests, what-have-you
Appearances by:
-David Huddleston ( The Big Lebowski)
-Jeff "The Dude" Dowd(Real-life inspiration for The Dude)
-Jim Hoosier(The Jesus' Partner, Liam)
and much, much more...

Wow...I'm speechless. I don't think I will be in attendance though. I might be tempted to go if they offered some door prizes (like VHS copies of 'Log Jammin' or some Creedence 8-Tracks) and an open bar full of Caucasians and Sasparilla. And of course I would enter the costume party as the "oriental"...just walk around peeing on rugs. Should be quite a weekend. The Dude abides...

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