Thursday, September 22, 2005


Some thoughts from last night's episode of LOST
(from the boards at and my theorizing with Pam and Becky)

  • Those cursed #'s (4,8,15,16,23,42) are everywhere!!
    • On the bottle that the hatch guy injected himself with:
      "cr-4-8 15 16-23 42 FOR INJECTION _____ MULTIPLE DOSE"
    • Hatch guy was going 16 mph on his bike
    • Pronounced a car accident patient dead at 8:15
    • jack's tattoo
    • the number 108 on the mural inside the hatch
      (if you add all the number 4,8,15,16,23,42 they add to 108)
  • The curing of paralysis:
    • Locke's paralysis was cured after they crashed onto the island
    • Jack's patient/future wife was "cured" right after the scottish runner (aka Hatch guy) brought it up at the stadium
    • Hatch guy also said he was "almost a doctor"
  • Quarantine?
    • The QUARATINE sign was on the inside of the hatch with no lever or handle on the if the hatch guy is protecting himself from those on the outside.
    • Quarantine also(and originally) means... "a period of 40 days" and it has been 40 days since they arrived on the island.
    • He injected himself with something in the morning.
  • What did Walt say?
    • When you play his appearance backwards, he says: "Where's the button...the button's bad."
    • As in the EXECUTE button on the computer in the hatch that Jack almost pushed until Locke told him it wasn't a good idea.
  • Is Desomnd (Hatch guy) alone?
    (from board - thanks Dantes)
    • A.) Desmond sleeps on a bunk - the top one to be exact. Both bunks have a collection of personal items at the back base; the bottom bunk under Desmond looks as if it was freshly used, it's not made, it's rather messy, and there's a collection of books/items distinct from those Desmond has.
    • B.) After using the computer and turning on the music, Desmond cleans up from the table the half-finished breakfast of either himself from the day before, or someone else. He cleans up a glass of what looks like orange juice, a bowl of cereal, and some other food on a plate. He then goes on to make his own meal.
This show ROCKS! Pretty damn enthralling. Reminds me of the days of watching Twin Peaks with my sister and trying to figure out all the random hints. In that case, the hints barely meant anything (other than DAVID LYNCH IS CRAZY). I think the creators of Lost have this all perfectly plotted out though. At least I hope they do.


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hmmm..seems very close to an IM conversation I had with someone once.

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now now...I gave you your mad propers

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