Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005: My year in cameraphone pictures

So long 2005!
Highlights include (in no particular order): Ray Ray becoming Raymie, Our vacation cat Uula, Chad: Topless w/ Propel, Late night Harry Potter book release at Ralph's, Glen's first guitar, Green Tea Frap, Jason Mraz?...yes Jason Mraz, Roscoe's and a lost ticket to Beck, RainRain go away...but give me back my backboard, Alhambra BBall Almont league champs, Zankou follows me to W. LA, Josh and Todd escort me to a 'procedure', Malik is in the house, a 'ROADBLOCK' is a choice between 2 tasks, I'm not losing a sister -just gaining a brother-in-law, Becky's 3 month apartment and hot shot office, Dad's "Elegant" car, PejBaby is a pro at Erotic Photohunt, Nani learns to say 'Doh!', Free Lakers Magnets on my 30th Bday, my 2 week dream to own a restaurant, my 1/2 birthday tiramisu (compliments of pasta pomodoro), in june: 10,000 miles on the new car (with a 12,000 miles/yr lease), and Kauai, Kauai and oh sweet Kauai

FLASHBACK to 2004: the year in cameraphone pictures
(posted almost exactly 365 days ago)

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