Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rolling Stone : Eddie Vedder: Addicted to Rock

Rolling Stone : Eddie Vedder: Addicted to Rock: "In a way, music for me was fucking heroin. It was something I needed. And to see a live show was something I needed, it gave me strength through adolescence and through this young adult life -- to feel like there was a purpose to get through this whole thing. After a live show, the high could wear off in a day or two. The bootleg recordings and listening back at them with your eyes closed and headphones seemed to make a crappy recording actually sound pretty good. It was like getting high again. I was a user."

That's what I'm talking about. Once again, Eddie speaks the truth.
I wonder if Eddie will be my AA sponsor when I'm too old to go to shows. Don't want to be the grey haired ponytail guy in the back. Mr. Sensitive PonyTail Guy.

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