Friday, February 02, 2007

PB&J @ Roxy / 2.1.07

Well I wasn't sure what to expect from Peter, Bjorn and John but needless to say, my expectations were blown away. Despite having to wait for-friggin'-ever (not that long, just got their way earlier than I needed to) and despite it being a thousand degrees and a packed house inside the Roxy (not an exaggeration), I found myself fully enjoy the band's first appearance in LA.

After listening to their latest CD for the past couple of weeks, I knew the swedes had the talent to write very catchy, fun songs. What worried me was whether they would have the entertaining stage presence that really makes a band. I only based this on the band's seemingly blah performance on Conan earlier this week. Thankfully I was relieved right from the start as they tore into Lets Call It Off and had the crowd moving. I later realized the blah-ness of the Conan performance was mostly due to the TV audience, who were unfamiliar with PB&J and a ways away from them. In the hot and friendly confines of The Roxy, Young Folks, with its whistle-track and all, absolutely killed. Anyways, you get the of the show rocked. Peter can REALLY play the guitar (didn't expect that from him). Bjorn...well, mostly felt bad for the guy during his quiet rendition of Amsterdam in which he forgot some lyrics. And John...well, John was Mr. Perfection on the percussion.

I was looking for a good vid clip from the show on YouTube and by far the best just happened to be from the brother of one of my good music buddies...unfortunately no embedding for it. So go check it out on YouTube yourself:

Peter, Bjorn and John - Let's Call it Off (live at Roxy YouTube)

* * * *

And check out the LA Times pre-show review of the band and their thoughts of being a one-hit wonder. I don't think they will be...plenty of other catchy, solid hits.

"'Maybe in 10 years we'll be one-hit wonders,' Morén said. 'But that's OK. It comes down to what sticks out. We aren't so cool, no one knows who we are.'"

SIDENOTE: The crowd, although tolerable, ultimately sucked at this show...I really hate when people go to shows and just talk loudly like they are at a bar...especially during quieter songs. Show some respect. Clearly those people weren't there for the band...probably just wanted to be at the HOT sold-out show. A welcome to our new Swedish friends. No wonder everyone hates LA.

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