Thursday, August 16, 2007

Matrix Music School: Lucky Lil' Bastards

Matrix Music School & Arts Centre
Matrix students record with Radiohead March 2007
Bass guitarist Colin Greenwood and producer Nigel Godrich invited thirty Junior Extension children to help realise an idea for one of the tracks on Radiohead's forthcoming album. The whole experience was great fun - for parents as well! - and we're all looking forward to the release date.

Why wasn't my elementary school this badass? My closes brush with stardom was when I got to milk a cow on the local news.

Guarenteed they are recording the kids clapping for '15 Step'...or atleast teaching them how to clap to the semi-complex beat. Uber-RH snob that I am, I of course had to properly teach my friends how to do it before the two shows I saw last summer at the Greek (cuz I'm so cool that I memorize brand new RH songs before 1.5 yrs before they are even released). And yes, by making fun of my music snobbery it makes it okay to be a music snob.

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