Monday, August 04, 2008

Thom posts mp3s on his WASTE-Central Page

From the ateaseweb messageboard (since I don't spend too much time at my WASTE Central page)...."little 1 minute loop called 'robot reckoner celeste 2'

Thom Yorke - robot reckoner celeste 2 (.mp3)

earlier (youtube) version from DAS/Hodiau Direkton :

He has actually tagged the file as track 10 of 14 of "sketches".

Thom also previously posted this:
a day off in chicago after playing lolloplozo yesterday. im so relieved as on monday i was on a train in the Uk coming back from the seaside sick as a dog and panicking. we hastily cancelled a proposed secret show in a chicago and i travelled a day later. it is very stressful when you get sick and there is nothing you can do and you have a huge show coming up. you feel low and powerless and try so hard to not freak out.
in the end it worked out. i m amazed anybody could see anything as there was 75,000 people at the festival yesterday. and it was so hot.
so hot.
ive added a new track called eraser infinite which is me manipulating jonny's piano chords from eraser.. snds like messians organ works.. well ok - a bit- good for the morning

Thom Yorke - eraser infinite (.mp3)

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