Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boxer Rebellion

Excited to go see Boxer Rebellion at the Troubadour tonight...too bad nobody else is. Solo show! Check em out on KCRW.

UPDATE: Thought the show at the Troubadour was excellent. Didn't realize it but it was the band's US debut. BR is based out of London but according to the KCRW interview, their lead singer Nathan has only lived there about 9 years after moving from Tennessee...i.e., he has a pretty interesting accent when he speaks. Overall I thought their sound was just as good live as it is on their CD and I was quite content that they played all of my favorites. Check out Soviets and Semi-Automatic if you can find them (not currently on their myspace). Definitely one of my favorite CD's right now along with Metric's Fantasies.

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