Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Please help my friends finish their music documentary!

Two new friends who I've become close with over the past year, have taken our passion for live music to the next level by putting on intimate concerts in people's backyards, filming the concert & interview and posting the performance online for all to share. I attended my first Garden Party a few months back in Venice and it was a really special show and a really fun evening.

As Wayne and Jeff continue to let the Garden Party Series grow over the next few months, the guys are also working on finishing a full-length documentary they shot of a pair of our favorite Garden Party musicians, Catherine Feeny and Sebastian Rogers (aka The Challenge of Feral Green). The film follows the duo on a 2 month long tour across the U.S. playing their music in the living rooms of fans, friends and strangers they meet along the way. In order to finish production, they've set up a fund-raising drive on kickstarter.com, a new online fundraising platform for artists to raise funds for their projects.

Check out their project, entitled Remember Where You Are, and how the funding works @ KICKSTART

Its a pretty cool way of funding projects...you pledge funding but that pledge is only collected once an overall goal is met by the deadline (in this case, pledges will only be cashed in if they raise $5000 by 2/7/2010). And depending on the level of funding, the guys will send you a CD of the live concert, DVD copy of the film, a invite to the premiere, or some other incentive.

No pressure, but of course the bottom line is that I'm asking anyone who feels like supporting independent artists like my friends Wayne and Jeff to help out and pledge some support. Do it for them, do it for me (it is my birth month!), do it and tell your friends you invested in a big time Hollywood movie. You can give as little as $5 or up to $2500+ (be sure to invite me to the free concert you'll get at your house). I've been working with these guys on trying to get the word out on the Garden Party the past few months and they are really great guys. So please, help us out if you can! No amount is too little.

Please feel free to forward this along to any friends that might be interested in helping out!


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