Wednesday, January 20, 2010

3/5ths Radiohead in LA at Hotel Cafe!!!

[The only pic I could get of Thom Yorke at Hotel Cafe]

MY POST FROM ATEASEWEB.COM: Its 2:30am and I can't sleep cuz I just had probably one of the greatest nights in my life. I was with my two friends at Hotel Cafe in LA to hear some bands (Dios! - very good) and listen to Gaz and Danny of Supergrass DJ a few sets inbetween. The night started out well as we got to chat with Gaz as we were walking in. Super nice guy. Then after a few drinks and listening to a couple bands and Gas/Danny's first DJ set, I saw Nigel (who actually was scheduled to DJ with them and was the reason why I wanted to show up). My friends were giddy having met Gaz so this was my chance to meet one of my idols. As we hung out near the bar about 5 feet from him...waiting for the best chance to say hi but not to bother him...I noticed a familiar haircut behind my friend AnnMarie. Holy Crap...its Thom Yorke! I immediately told my friends and texted my girlfriend. I could not imagine a better situation: a dark, half empty venue and pretty much nobody notices that Thom is here. As I waited patiently to speak to him...again, not wanting to bother him...I notice another familiar face - Colin! And another...Ed! Man, Ed is WAY taller than I thought. Guess I'm used to looking up to him on stage, not in person. I heard that Colin was SUPER nice and approachable so I was excited to talk to him...alas he was busy chatting and I didn't want to interrupt. We hung out around all of them for almost 20+ minutes (included me taking a secret pic of Thom while he was waiting to get a drink at the bar by himself). I knew Thom wouldn't be up for a pic in the dark venue so we waited near the entrance/exit in case we could grab one with him outside. Honestly, I didnt care about a picture...I just want to chat with him and sincerely let him know how much I appreciate Radiohead's music. When the moment arose, my friend Tony asked if we could take a pic. He said he'd rather not at which point I asked if at the very least I could shake his hand as I was a huge fan. He happily obliged (and gave me a somewhat drunken smile) before he stepped outside with Nigel and Ed. I hoped they had just gone out for a smoke but when I went outside a few minutes later, they were gone.

After seeing them numerous times upclose and from afar in concert, I'm so excited to finally have met Thom and see Ed and Colin face to face...yet at the same time I wish I could have had a better chance to chat with them. I can't believe there were only a few of us that recognized them. So cool to see them in LA on this rainy night. I will sleep with a very big smile on my face if I can ever fall asleep. Just wanted to share with you

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Random visitor=me. I like to read about other people's good times and joy.

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