Monday, March 07, 2011

SETLIST: Apple, Spotify...and my fan club idea :(

Calm Down, Apple Isn't Starting a Real Streaming Music Service - Which of the behemoths will get into the streaming music business first...Google?  Apple?  It's true, streaming subscriptions would eat into iTunes sales.  

Spotify Signs EMI Music to U.S. Deal | AllThingsD - I finally got some proxy access to Spotify (here in the states) far, so good.  Can't wait for it to be official.  

Mozes launches mobile technology to let musicians sell merch at live events | Los Angeles Times

You’ve Got a Fan Club? Network and Mobilize It | New York Times - Great idea...that I had a few months back but was too slow and inept to act on.  I will be interested to see how fan club develop in the digital age.

“Can you put food on the table with music? Probably not. I see music as a really great hobby for most people in five or 10 years. I see everybody I know, some of them really important artists, studying how to do other jobs.”

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