Friday, December 17, 2004

XXXmas Party Time

So it was Xmas Party time at the Hatos Center once again (and possibly for the last time for me)...that of course means the $15 gift exchange. The talk of the party was my boss and his acceptance of the X-rated gift...this year it was some pasties (the anti-chaffing the nip kind). After his rather extravagent display of the pasties on the OUTside of his shirt, a few of us semi-drunk grad students decided to spread the love of the Xmas party into our neighborhood "quad". The great haters of free speech that we are we decided to censor the naked statue man that for some reason adorns our lovely grassy quad. May his nips be nice and warm for the CA winter. Then we crashed the Neurology Departments Xmas party...we crazy like that!

UPDATE: So far, nobody has dared censored our censorship!

UPDATE II: Still there as of this morning...made it through the first weekend! That's huge! My goal now is to get the statue pasties to stick around through the New Year!!

UPDATE III: Still there as of Xmas Day! Okay, maybe I didn't go to work on Xmas day but neither did anyone who would remove said pasties. So since they were there on Thursday...I'm gonna make the assumption that they are still there. Merry Xmas Mr. Statue! Merry Xmas Pasties!

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