Tuesday, January 11, 2005

This boulder is blocking Topanga Canyon Road. My boss lives just on the otherside of Topanga Canyon Road... :)


pamcakes said...

holy crap!

Alisette said...

I bet the bastard still manages to come to work.
He will probably park his car at one end of the boulder and have one of his underlings collect him at the other.

eric said...

Yeah he made it in...damn't. He's like a zombie you can't kill! That's not nice though, I like my boss.

Worst part is...the alternate route he was forced to take involved like 2 hours of traffic...so now he's at work and pissed. YEAH!

Alisette said...

"so now he's at work and pissed."

Blimey! Boozing on the way to work. Tssssssssss

eric said...

lol...sorry, didn't realize i had a international audience just yet. rather, "He's at work and quite angry."

Oh and he's british...and he loves to get pissed pissed.

Alisette said...

Hihi, I realised that is what you meant.
Now I come to think about it, the word blimey seems to be a British-English expression meaning that you are surprised about something.

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