Thursday, January 27, 2005

So following the untimely death of a friend/coworker (was in his late 40's or early50's and died of a heart attack) I pondered death and the sorrow/emptiness/regret of unexpected losses. We all hear the cliche that we should 'make sure we let people know how we feel about them because we/they may not be around tomorrow'. I totally agree with this but sometimes its hard to do or it can be akward ('Hey Mr. Janitor, I know we never talk but in case I die tomorrow I want you to know that I appreciate you'). So I was thinking, I should start a website where people can store personal messages/goodbyes to a person's friends, families, strangers, etc. and then distributes them upon their death. Yeah you could write a letter and store it away...but who's gonna know where they are when death comes knockin' unexpectedly?

What do you think? Would it work? Too morbid? I was thinking of naming it something like or those are a bit sad or creepy. I think I'll go the humor route and name it And on top of that, in order to check on your 'status', we'll send out a monthly email asking, "You still alive?" If we don't get a reply, we'll check the obits and send out your letters. We'll even print them on nice paper...or email...whichever is cheaper.

Plus we could handle their last wills and trusts as on the side...maybe throw in funeral arrangements. Ooh that's a good idea. People can tell us how they want to be taken care of (cremated/buried) and what kind of flowers and music they want at their funeral and stuff. And of course we can DJ the memorial.

[Didnt mean to mix death and humor...but that's how some deal with death right? Anyways Faustino was one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of knowing and he definitely made work more fun when he was around. We are all very sad to see him go.]

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pamcakes said...

aCTUALLY Doesn't sound too bad of an idea...minus the dj and stuff.

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