Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baby Rock Records - Radiohead

Baby Rock Records
Picked this up last week for my buddy's son's first birthday...pretty good stuff. Thankfully Glen is fan of the RH as well so at the very least he'll enjoy it. Of course, this was a completely serious gift in my mind. I have no doubt that lil' Warren's brain will now be wired in the same mold as the brilliant Thom Yorke (or Jonny Greenwood). I'm sure any kid that understands the complicated workings of Paranoid Android will be a hit in Pre-School. Plus I consider it an investment in my family's future as we have already arranged for Warren to marry my first daughter so that best friends finally become brothers (or co-fathers?)

1 comment:

sundawgs118 said...

i want in on the familia. how about my firstborn (boy or girl) with your second (boy or girl). muaha.

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