Friday, August 04, 2006

Bloc Party at The Greek (Aug. 3, 2006)

My summer at the Greek Theater (4 shows in 5 weeks) concluded with last nights Bloc Party/Broken Social Scene/Mew show. Highlights included:
  • Missing Mew...the band I ended up being the most excited to see. That's okay though since I'll be seeing their full show at the Troubadour on Monday.
  • Being in the doesn't get much better.
  • Being in the Pit amongst celebrities which made my friends giddy (Pacey from Dawson's Creek, Scott Speedman from Felicity and a dude from Dead Poet's Society)
  • enjoying Broken Social Scene for the first time (when they have 10+ people on stage they become the 'white Ozomatli')
  • Enjoying Bloc Party for the first time - Great live show...very nice, genuine people. The lead singer Kele always has a smile on his face.
  • Watching one song with the lead singer of BSS who hung out behind us in the pit.
  • Getting THIS close to being on stage. During the encore, when Kele's guitar broke, he danced around the stage and was joined by 1...then 2...then 4...then 40 fans on stage. My friends and I went through the stages of, "we're thirty...what's the point?" to "holy crap, this is our chance at immortality" to "ah crap, security is here and we can't get onstage anymore". Missed opportunities. Plus, if you look at my 3rd pic below, I also missed out on making out with some girl on stage like that guy did!
  • Final Highlight: Getting one of Bloc Party's guitar picks after the show. I've been in the pit for many a show and tried to get the premiere souvenirs of a setlist, a drumstick or a guitar pick but to no avail. This time I prevailed even if it took crawling on the ground and fighting some girl who said it was hers because it was under her foot.

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pamcakes said...

8 minute crew rocks!

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