Monday, December 11, 2006

Damien Rice @ The Orpheum/12.08.06

Saw yet another amazing concert from Damien Rice on Friday at a very cool venue in Downtown LA. The Orpheum, which opened with its very ornate architecture in 1926 to showcase vaudeville acts, was the perfect place to see someone like Damien. I have to say this might be one of my favorite concerts that I've attended...really good music, sung with the intensity that only Damien can bring (seriously, I can't think of one other singer that comes close in terms of sincere passion for his music). The stage was perfectly lit and the acoustics were fantastic.

-Played 'Woman Like a Man' of my favorites. Very rockin' (check my loud YouTube clip)
-Played a very good guitar-based version of '9 Crimes' (usually on piano)
-It was the day after his birthday (33rd...which means I have 2 years to get as talented) and the opening band (a very good Swell Season - more Irish folkies) gave him a lucha libre mexican wrestler mask which he wore throughout the entire performance of 'Me, My Yoke and I'.
-Damien walked off stage for a bit due to some jetlag (fell asleep standing up while performing apparently). This was fine because it allowed Vyvienne (his cellist) to play a song. She played one of her own this time (usually plays covers), The Motorway Song. I can never tell what she looks like from my seats but she has the cutest voice/demeanor.
-Got to hear some new bits that I have never heard before like 'Is That It, My Friend' and 'Green Eyes' (?) by Lisa.

1 Delicate
2 Woman Like a Man
3 Nine Crimes - on guitar
4 Me, My Yoke, and I (with Lucha Libre mask on)
5 Slow
6 Rootless Tree
7 Cannonball
8 The Animals Were Gone
9 Is that it My Friend
10 Elephant (partial)
11 The Motorway Song (by Vyvienne)
12 Elephant
13 Volcano
14 Grey Room
15 I Remember
16 Green Eyes? (by Lisa)
17 Accidental Babies
18 The Blower's Daughter


Anonymous said...

hi, i was looking for lisa hannigan songs and i came upon your blog. i've never heard lisa sing a song called "green eyes" before, and the link is dead. is there anyway you could repost it?

eric said...

no problem...check the front page soon.

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