Friday, December 01, 2006

Build Me Up (some new furniture) Buttercup - Go Bruins!

HD Buttercup, a furniture store in Culver City, will give you free furniture if the UCLA Bruins beat the USC Trojans. There is a $2000 minimum purchase, but there is no maximum on the amount of furniture that you can buy. You must purchase the furniture before the football game which is on 12/2.

Have all the free press you want Mr. Buttercup (typical trojan last name). I can't wait to see the free press you get come Saturday night as you put up the GOING OUT OF BUSINESS signs in your front window.

**I've now been informed that Senor Buttercup is in fact a BRUIN. It makes perfect sense...he's just hedging his bet. Bruins lose, he makes money. Bruins win, he's out of business but his Bruins beat those bastard Trojans. Well played Buttercup...well played.


Blow me up Tom said...

This is truly a genius promotion. Although he did not get insurance on this prmotion. I might have wanted to if I were him. Big juevos on SeƱor Buttercup!

Anonymous said...

thank you guys for understanding me. .

wait until you see the next promotion..

risk is a state of mind...

hd buttercup.

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