Monday, January 29, 2007

Rodrigo y Gabriela a El Troubadour 1/27/07

So friday night was the Rodrigo y Gabriela show at The Troubadour. They were even more entertaining than I had anticipated. They of course are amazing musicians...some of the best guitar handiwork I've seen and by far the best use of a guitar for percussion. And just as entertaining was their between song banter. The crowd loved Gabriela's somewhat shy, yet curse-filled stories about their early days in an unsuccessful Thrash Metal band in Mexico City or how they talked their Irish-based label into sending them to a Mexican beach for a month to record their album and how they came back without a single song. Besides their own flamenco style songs (but according to Gabriela, "not fucking flamenco"), they also covered Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and of course Metallica. Rodrigo even did a lil bit of Rage Against the Machine which would have been phenomenal if he had only continued. The crowd was very much into the entire performance, clapping along to most of the songs...especially when Rodrigo assigned different clapping rhythms to 4 different sections of the crowd. Made for a very cool effect. I have a video of it that I'll have to upload later. I have no doubt the KCRW benefit concert crowd is going to love them. Next up, Thursday at the Roxy with Peter, Bjorn and John (PB&J).

Oh and I found the cover of One (Metallica) and Take 5 (Dave Brubeck) that I mentioned previously...its on their Live in Manchester/Dublin CD.

Rodrigo y Gabriela - One/Take 5 (.mp3)

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