Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Veinte Quatro

Well my 2007 TV viewing is pretty much in full swing with The Office, Scrubs, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy and um... another show (ok fine, for some reason I like What About Brian? Don't ask). Thankfully all these wonderful shows are helping me get over the mid-'season' cancellation of Day Break. Damn you ABC. Next week is of course the start of Heroes. And I still have to wait until Feb. 7 for the return of LOST. But for now, at least I've got the start of 24 this past weekend. Had to clear out the old Tivo to make sure I keep the good stuff. Jack Bauer is back and crazier than ever thanks to that no good Chinese Government. Most memorable moments of the first 4 hours (WARNING: possible spoilers!):
  1. Jack kills a terrorist while handcufffed by biting his neck. I think Jack has reached the new low of canabalism. Well, eat or be eaten.
  2. Kumar is on this season. Not sure if I can take him too seriously as a terrorist considering I just watched Van Wilder this weekend. Oops...he's dead now. No worries.
  3. My favorite character (next to Jack), Curtis Manning, has some issues. Kinda fell off the Curtis wagon there. But we learn why. Unfortunately, Jack shoots Curts. Dead? We'll find out next week...but I'm guessing not. This just means alot more tension.
  4. After seasons with the threat, 24 finally sets off a nuclear bomb in LA. Not much left for the writers to do now...they knocked out cannabalism and a nuc within the first 4 hours.
Only 20 hours left to go!

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