Saturday, April 28, 2007

Coachella in NYC...

...on my computer. Although I didn't get tickets this year (wasn't looking forward to the crowds/heat...and probably deep down knew I would get a job in NY), I definitely wish I was there this year. Thankfully they are webcasting some sets over at the Blue Room so I'm enjoying it from the east coast when I can. Also got to talk to my friend Amy who is there right now so its kinda like being there (I could hear the heat on the phone). Like she said, its damn hot...but that makes for really nice nights. That's when Coachella is the best...warm nights in the desert under the stars with really good bands. Right now I'm listening to a small band of my favorites...a band i'll get to see at my first NYC show in 2 weeks. Fields...a band so small, they are literally the 2nd band to play today (the earlier, the less well known). Their tourmates Blonde Redhead go on later.

Fields - MySpace

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