Sunday, April 08, 2007


Seems like forever since my last post but its all cuz I finally got a job and I have since relocated from LA to the NYC. So far, so good. Weather has been relatively nice...until today's 36 degree/snow flurry Easter (atleast its kinda sunny still). I don't mind though...I'll stay indoors today and watch the Laker game.

That's one of the new things I'm adjusting to...I used to live in LA and see NY based tv shows (Law & Order, Seinfeld, Sex & the City) and it all looked the same. Now I'm starting recognize neighborhoods and a lil NY city street details. On the otherside of that, now living in NY, when I see LA on tv (Entourage, Laker games, etc) I miss my wonderful Southern California. Its good to see it of course...but its still kinda torturific. Then of course there is the whole sporting event time difference. I used to love waking up to sporting events already being on. On the east coast, nothing really starts until noon and can go late into the night (laker games typically end after I'm asleep now). No more checking NBA box scores at 4pm at work.

Other things I've learned:
  • Traffic is traffic: Yeah the 405 sucks when there is a sigalert...but so does the 4/5 express train when some passenger 'got sick' at the next station down the line.
  • Speaking of subways...I've always been a fan, but I'm learning the downside - alot of people really really smell bad. I can't wait for the heat to come. Ugh. Yet this is no reflection on NYC. The absolute worse smelling person I've ever smelled on a subway was on the blue line in LA (pam knows exactly what I'm talking about).
  • Music Scene: The few bars/restaurants I've been to in nyc have all had amazing DJ's/Playlists...very cool. I'm going to my first 2 concerts in a few weeks so we'll see how the live music situation is. Just looking at listings though (and seeing how some shows DON'T sellout), I'm thinking LA's live music scene is better. Maybe I still have a lot to learn.
  • I'm going to get fat: That or I'll break even at least. There are so many places to eat here and so many places to eat DESSERT. I've always been fond of a lil latenight dessert but this is ridiculous. In the past 2 weeks I've had ice cream like 5 times, cupcakes 3 times, and the list goes on. On the plus side, I walk a lot. Break even?
  • Rivalry? So far, most people I meet have all had very high opinions of LA - love it, always wanted to go there, can't wait to get back. Not what I was expecting. Maybe its just the circles I've been around. Oddly enough, most LA people that hear I'm in NYC speak very highly of NY - oh how they miss it, etc. I guess the grass is always greener. (i think I'm adapting a new life mantra...the grass is greenest EVERYWHERE)
I'm sure I'll have more groundbreaking revelations...just hope i have time to write them down. Bottom line, I like it here a lot but I do miss my friends, family and my LA.

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