Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ah sweet Funnel Cake

Man...NYC has a ton of "street fairs" everywhere...EVERY weekend. Its kinda cool be able to walk down the middle of normally busy streets...but other than that, it's nothing special...same old street vendors selling socks (???), $5 purses/sunglasses/belts and the assortment of food. My roommate's wife talked me into going to the 2nd "Spring Jubilee" outside of our apt. today and I got to enjoy the so-so chicken kabob, the $1 lemonade favorite...funnel cake! Definitely the highlight of my weekend. Felt like I was back in SoCal at Magic Mountain getting sick off of the powder sugared present that is funnel cake. If only they had deep-fried oreos.

Maya also got me to admit my admiration for Robin Thicke. I find it hard to like any progeny of Alan Thicke (not sure why...what has he done to me??) but he's a mighty good singer. He's like the white Nate Dogg. Really likin' his Got 2 Be Down with Faith Evans.

[Sidenote: Back in the day, Pam got to be on Win, Lose or Draw with Alan Thicke...that's hot!]

SCHEDULE New York City Street Fairs and Festivals
Got 2 Be Down -
Faith Evans w/ Robin Thicke (.mp3)

I was supposed to go to Brooklyn this afternoon/evening to catch a benefit show for Domino's Sugar Factory but it looks like its going to start raining any minute now (I love doppler). There are a handful of bands playing but I only really cared to see Nada Surf . Oh well....

New Nada Surf Album news and MP3's at Sonic Itch Music
Killian's Red - Nada Surf (.mp3)

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