Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead Tour 2008? or Save the Environment?

Gothamist: A Conversation with Jonny Greenwood:
Are you working out plans to tour in America at this point?
We’re talking about touring somewhere in the world next year. Now that the album’s out that’s what we’re talking about. I hope you’ll get to see some good shows.

Have you considered doing some sort of carbon-offset thing with touring?
We’ve heard bad things about that. I’m not sure that that’s enough; to buy off our guilt with money. That might not be the best way to do it. We’re kind of looking at a few other ideas. It’s interesting; we’ve had a report done on touring and how much pollution gets created and what would be the most efficient way to do it: playing small venues or big venues, playing venues inside a city or outside a city, playing a big venue and having lots of people drive a long way to get to see you or whether it’s better for us to travel to different places. There are a lot of things to balance out. Whether it’s better to play a festival. So we’ve got to factor that in as well."

Whether they wanted to change the music industry or not, they may very well have. I can see them doing the same for touring and its effect on the environment. They are definitely more passionate about saving the world...literally.


Dance Hall Hips said...

in rainbows has been on constant repeat for sure!!

Actually, just Wanted to let you know I've changed URls to

-Dance Hall Hips/Jon

Dance Hall Hips said...

I've already burnt myself on the ones I have a huge fan of as bootlegs. "All I Need" i really like.

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