Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead's "In Rainbows"

Having listened to the bootlegs a ton of times since last years tours I was wondering how I would feel about the studio versions. For the most part I'm very happy (They could write shit and I'd still be happy). I'm most impressed by Reckoner. After the first listen through, that one stands out the most. I've always loved Nude/Big Ideas and I really like what they ended up with here. 15 Step has always been a fav and I guess we now know where they put that class of kids they were recording with (no clapping...but they got to cheer). I was disappointed a bit in Videotape...the live version is similar but by far better. My favorite live version was House of Cards which is duplicated here nicely...just missing the live ambiance that I got used to. I suppose it just reminded me of listening to it outside at the Marina in San Diego, which was lovely.

Anyone surprised that it is slightly stripped down? There are still the usual Nigel touches but alot less than I had thought there would be. Kinda nice.

I paid the 40 quid...can't wait for the LP to come.

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