Monday, June 09, 2008

Damien Rice: 10 days to Barcelona

Damien Rice goes for a Radiohead Roadtrip...
"On June 1st 2008, myself and my friends Ryan (images) & Mia (navigation) set off on a last-minute road trip from Dublin to Barcelona, squished into my little ol' mini with a portable recording studio. The idea is to stop off along the way in random places where I have to write and record a new song every day, either in the mini or outdoors on a rock or something.

10 days = 10 songs = album Nuevo.

We hope to arrive in Barcelona on June 10th, or at least in time to go see Radiohead play on June 12th and then fly home for the Leonard Cohen dates. Yay! We're updating the website as we go... if we're anywhere near an internet connection that is!"

Man, that is the life. What i wouldn't give to be able to do that. I don't even need to be the popular musician...I'd be content being the guy behind the camera or even the friend/driver. A roadtrip in a mini from Dublin to Barcelona to see Radiohead?? Guess I need more creative friends...and to live in Europe. At least I now have the Mini.

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flautista. said...

fuck, i can't wait to listen that!!

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