Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beck: Night 2 @ Club Nokia/LA

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I was excited to see Beck open the brand new Club Nokia on Monday...then they went ahead and sold tickets for a second show on Sunday. Bastards. Then they went and added Jenny Lewis as the Sunday opener. Bastards. Oh well...I'll take the 2nd opening night and Jay Reatard (really??). As much as I enjoyed the show last month(?) at the bowl, there is nothing like seeing a band (especially Beck) in a more intimate environment. Club Nokia is pretty cool...allegedly has 2,500 person capacity but felt even smaller. Kinda like a Wiltern or Avalon but smaller. Guess it will fit the niche between those venues and the El Rey. Sound was decent...and I'm definitely a fan of the downtown location. The show itself was the usual good times from Beck, who opened with Two Turntables (as opposed to opening with Loser the night before). I like that he opens with one of the songs you'd expect him to close with...Beck, always the innovator. Was very happy to hear Lost Cause but my buddy and I were bummed when he put down the acoustic after only a few Sea Change songs. And the Sonic Youth cover was pretty sweet. Of course the highlight of the night for me was the return of Ryan, Beck's personal dancer. Top Gun Ryan got the crowd pretty excited for the encore...oh how I miss the days when he'd be onstage for the whole show.

Hell Yes - Black Tambourine - Clap Hands Medely

1. Where It's At
2. Girl
3. Devils Haircut
4. Que Onda Guero
5. Mixed Bizness
6. Nicotine & Gravy
7. Hell Yes
8. Black Tambourine / Clap Hands
9. Modern Guilt
10. Orphans
11. Soul Of A Man
12. Think I'm In Love
13. Star Power (Sonic Youth Cover)
14. Missing
15. The Golden Age
16. Lost Cause
17. Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
18. Chemtrails
19. Loser
20. Nausea
21. Gamma Ray [with Jay Reatard]
22. Timebomb [with Ryan]
23. Minus [with Ryan]
24. Indefatiguable [with Ryan]
25. E-Pro [with Ryan]

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