Friday, November 26, 2004

Black Friday - After Thanksgiving Sales mom WAS IS crazy out there. Lame, broke-ass that I am...I woke up crazy early (5:45AM) so I could get a relatively cheap 17" LCD monitor at Staples. That was relatively painless despite the fact that my buddy Erik and I felt like we were lining up to get the first seats for Episode III of Star Wars. I even got a compliment on my "sleek and stylish" monitor from the 60 year old lady in front of me at the register. Geeks of the world UNITE!

Anyways, for kicks we drove over to the Best Buy on Los Feliz...absolute MADNESS. The place was packed beyond belief. I feared for my own safety on 3 seperate occasions. Felt like a cross between the 405 on Thanksgiving Eve and Main Street at Disneyland right after the 9pm Christmas Parade. Thankfully we weren't buying anything so we just left and got some breakfast.

Did anyone get a wake-up call from Target? I wonder if Heidi Klum/Darth Vader/Ice T really call? That would be quite impressive for Target.

“Hey man, this is Ice-T. You wanna mess around or you wanna wake up. Cause I’ll get your butt out of that bed real quick. Cause if your feet don’t hit the floor within two seconds after I call, I’m comin’ over there and I guarantee that you’ll be awake then.”

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