Tuesday, November 16, 2004

NBA Action...It's FANtastic!!

Man...I love me the basketball. Just finished my usual Monday night game and I'm feelin' good good good. It's a wonder that something as simple as 2 hours of basketball can help you forget all about your problems, make you feel as fit as a fiddle (sorry, really been dying to use that phrase) and make you feel quite confident about yourself.

Ah to dream of being a professional basketball player. I can't even imagine how perfect that life must be (besides the rape allegations and what not). I mean, I wake up groggy, sit in traffic on the 405, go to work, eat crappy food, and go play for a few hours (NOTE: I love my life, but I have to make it sound crappy for better contrast). Now that may sound like a wonderful life, but Mr. John Q. Basketball gets to wake up in his very large home, have his entourage make him an eggwhite omelet, plays some playstation for like 4 hours, watch Oprah, drive to the Staples Center in his inconspicuous Ferrari, shoot around for an hour, get a message, play basketball for 2 hours, collect his 5-figure DAILY paycheck, and then go home to Brandy or Vanessa Williams or something like that. Must be nice. To be honest though, of all those luxuries, he and I still get to do the most important one...play basketball for a few hours.

Plus I don't even like Vanessa Williams anyways...although a discount from Radioshack would be a plus!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like somebody's been stalking John Q. Fox, i mean, John Q. Basketball. no wonder you're waking up groggy.

should your dream ever come true, feel free to pass vanessa on to me. i'll make sure she gives you those radioshack discounts.

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