Thursday, November 11, 2004


No its not a gay club. Nor is it a club where British people smoke cigarettes. F.A.G. is a club/group/way of life that I had the foresight to create AFTER a rather disastrous trip to Las Vegas last year. After losing more than I had planned I of course blamed my friends for not stopping me from going to the fact, they aided and abetted the casino in taking my money....therefore, THEY are to blame! But its not their the time, there was no such club as F.A.G. to motivate them to help me. Help them, help me! So I have since taken it upon myself to found F.A.G., Friends Against Gambling. Now when I want to go to the ATM to withdraw my daily limit at 11:59pm AND three Fag's Dave, Kane, and Paul will have to stop me...thanks to the vow and club decree and what not. I think they are legally bound to intervene...
Wish me luck!
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