Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Band of the Day: Grand National

I've been listening to this CD for the past week and I think its time to share its greatness with y'all. It comes close to reminding me of the Kings of Convenience remix CD Versus which I find immensely better than KoC's original material (well, its atleast less depressing). Like Versus, Grand National has a bass/beat heavy sound that plays below mellow vocals. Actually, listening to their voices right now (on the track North Sound Off) their vocals almost sound like the Police.

Sample their songs in their Audio/Video Section - I recommend Drink to Moving On

So is this an official genre now? Indie Dance Music or something like that? I love South and Franz Ferdinand and bands that are "indie" but definitely make their audience move their feet. The new Ian Brown CD Solarized kind of fits in this category too. I've always liked the UNKLE tracks he does vocals on. I should have been a bass player.

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