Sunday, February 06, 2005

I'm a LOSER why don't you kill me...

Saw this yesterday and got really really excited:

“secret” Beck show in LA
from a friend in LA:
Saturday, February 5th

Club 1650 Hollywood, CA
Tickets on sale 6pm at the door,
$10 cash only
Doors open at 8pm. 21+ over

So I get my good friends...we get there early...we get tickets aplenty...we get excited. We walk to Roscoe's...we eat chicken and waffles...we are happy. We walk back to 1650...we stand in line...I realize I lost my ticket...I'm not happy. I search my pockets...I search my wallet...I search my car...I am a jackass. I drive home and bitch on my BLOG while Beck plays his secret show. I wish it was even more secret so I didn't know about it at all.

Atleast I had chicken and waffles.

[UPDATE: Thanks to Pam and Becky I was able to see a few pictures from the show as it was happening as well as listen to about 4-5 songs via Becky's cellphone. Thanks guys! That was the second best thing to NOT losing my ticket. And Becky said there will be another not-so-secret show at 1650 in the near future...with a pre-sale and everything.]

Here's the setlist from

02.05.05 :
Los Angeles, CA :
Club 1650 - 1650 Schrader Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028
OPENER: Har Mar Superstar

Black Tambourine
Guess I'm Doing Fine
We Dance Alone
Rental Car
Emergency Exit
Broken Drum
Hell Yes
Knock Out Remain
--Get Real Paid

We Dance Alone sounded pretty cool as I listened over the phone. Too bad it didn't make it the final cut and end up on Guero.

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