Sunday, February 06, 2005

AdJab Superbowl Ad Blogging

Live Superbowl Ad Blogging at AdJab

So far (and the game is almost over) my favorite is the simple ad for Bud Light where the skydiving plane pilot jumps out after the six pack of Bud Light. Ah subtle humor. Did you like that one Cathy? Or were they too busy showing Pacifico commercials in Guadalajara?

UPDATE: Damn, I was pulling for the Eagles. But congrats to the Pats...and all New Englanders who LIVE in the New England area and weren't just born there before moving to Los Angeles. On the plus side, the Pats didn't cover the spread so I no longer have to get a tattoo (the result of a pre-game Double-or-Nothing bet with Dave from the 909 - I lost a superbowl tattoo bet years ago when the Raiders lost...just been REALLY slow in getting my tattoo).

By the way, after weeks of contract negotiations with his agent, 909 Dave, aka FUN Dave, will be guest blogging here in the near future.


Anonymous said...

congrats to all new england fans who remained LOYAL while enduring the early 90's seasons, when the pats when 1-15 and 2-14 (unlike some turncoat fans who have abandoned their supposed team a mere 2 years removed from the superbowl). true fans don't let geography or convenience impede on passion.

Cathy said...

We had great commercials too...Did you know that you can get up to 50 free messages with TelCel, Mexico's leading cell phone company? Ugh. Half time show sucked too. But the upside is that I got to see my honey on TV...even if it was broadcast in Spanish. I love him.

Who is this Dave from the 909 you speak of? Who IS he?

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