Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Radiohead T-shirt Contest

Thanks to my favorite radiohead fansite (Ateaseweb.com), I found this:
Radiohead T-shirt contest: Deadline closing soon
As reported earlier, at Synthetic Apparatus you can enter their Radiohead t-shirt design contest. Make sure to send your design(s) in before July 27th at Midnight CST. Good luck! Or just check Synthetic Apparatus to vote for your favourite designs.

So this is what I came up with tonight...not great but it will do. A simple shirt for my favorite, simple song "I Will" which has the lyrics 'white elephants, sitting ducks"...hence my choice of design. I think I read somewhere that the lyric may reference a line from a Hemingway short story about Spanish mountains looking like white elephants sitting down. Hmm...sitting down or sitting ducks, I don't know.

If and when my shirt gets accepted, it will get voted on. The people with the highest ratings and comments win $100 and their shirt...so if and when it gets accepted, if anyone cares to vote for me...well, I'd let you borrow my shirt and everything.

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