Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Where's George?

Where's George? ® 2.0

Got the standard 2 Chicken Pita Sandwiches at the new Zankou Chicken in West LA for lunch today. As I was putting my change away, I noticed that one of the dollar bills had a red stamp around one of the symbols saying something about a 'Currency Tracking Study'.

Where's George? is a site that tracks money by the zip code entered by each person who finds the bill. Kinda intersting idea...

According to my
Where's George? Bill Tracking Report:

One Dollar Bill, Serial# J2001---0Q Series: 1995
This bill has travelled 5.7 Miles in 10 Days, 1 Hr, 58 Mins at an average of 0.57 Miles per day.


pamcakes said...

pretty cool idea. Hope I get my hands on one of those.

Anonymous said...

hope i get my hand on a million of those

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