Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Wi-Fi mooching and the law | CNET News.com

CNET News.com has a Q&A regarding ""Wi-Fi mooching"...I prefer the term "borrowing"
Is it legal to use someone's Wi-Fi connection to browse the Web if they haven't put a password on it?
Nobody really knows. "It's a totally open question in the law," says Neal Katyal, a professor of criminal law at Georgetown University. "There are arguments on both sides."
Sounds legal to me! Too bad someone's neighbors are discovering what WEP means.


pamcakes said...

if I were doing the "borrowing" it would be all fine with me too. But lately on my virus protection program its been telling me someone has been tapping into my internet connection. somehow it makes me feel dirty.

eric said...

Said neighbors got the DSL hooked back up...phew!

if you don't want to feel 'dirty', why don't you have encryption on your wireless?

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