Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Do the Hippogriff...

(Hippogriff vs. a Liger...who wins??)

2 new tracks from the Goblet of Fire soundtrack featuring members of Radiohead from italo on the ateaseweb.com messageboard:
ateaseweb.com mb | radiohead at ease:
" sorry about the quality... that's the way it streamed. I'm looking forward to get the cd and rip them to share them properly... do the hippogriff would be great with better sound quality...



I just noticed... some of the arrangements in do the hippogriff are VERY greenwood. the anyone can play guitar intro............ go to sleep solo. stuff sounding like trans-atlantic drawl. jonny is my life hero."
Not bad...some classic lines in "Do The Hippogriff":
  • "Alright Hogwarts! Are you ready for some music!!"
  • "Move you body like a hairy troll, learnin' to rock n roll"
  • "Boogie down like a unicorn"
  • "Put your hands in the air, like an Ogre who just don't care"

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Ekko said...

thanks for commenting on my blog--the links all seem to work....sorry you had trouble.

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