Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hard N Phirm Halloween

So I got to celebrate my first Halloween in about 3 years by going to the Upright Citizens Brigade for their comedy spooktacular. About 50% of the audience were in costumes and by far the best one was a guy who was a dead ringer for David Cross's Tobias Funke character from Arrested Development. Besides just looking like him (balding, mustache, glasses), the guy was wearing nothing but cut-off jean shorts and Birkenstocks ala Tobias' "Never Nude" movement (must wear denim cut-off shorts all the time, even in the shower and under his pants). Hilarious! And of course a close runner up was Pam dressed as the lil' girl from Little Miss Sunshine.

The UCB went all out and had the typical, knott's scary farm-like haunted house maze as you enter the theater...except this one ended with a keg and a box of cupcakes. If only they had funnel cake too. The show was pretty good especially since it was hosted by the comedey duo Hard N Phirm (formally Chris Hardwick -of MTV's Singled Out and Rock of Ages fame - and Mike Phriman -my former co-worker at The Wherehouse). I've been fans of theirs since they hosted UCLA's Spring Sing many years back. Then I became even bigger fans of theirs after they did the bluegrass Radiohead medley, Rodeohead. And it was my lucky night cuz they even performed it live. Other comedians included Paul F. Tompkins and Doug Benson (who did his whole routine as Harry Potter).

Hard N Phirm - Rodeohead.mp3 Buy it!
Hard N Phirm Website

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