Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ski Dazzle's almost snow season and snow season is always kicked off in my world with Ski Dazzle. The annual snowboard/ski expo is coming up (Nov. 16th-19th) at the LA Convention Center and always offers the "free*" lift ticket to Big Bear with your paid admission. I think I've gone just about every year for the last 8 years...yup, I'm cheap...err, poor..err, thrifty. I never seem to buy anything...never spend more than 15-20 min in the hall...just happy to get my "Free*" lift ticket.

Word on the street (aka, the resort websites), Big Bear won't open until "mid to late November" and while Mammoth is set to open Nov. 9 (holy crap, tomorrow), they only have a bit of man made snow at the main lodge. Snow showers are forecasted for Saturday though...sure hope its the start of a white winter (El Camino Nino is on right?). I also just read that Mountain High has put nearly $2 million worth of renovations into its resorts. Should be interesting to see what $2 million can do...

In honor of snow (which is basically just cold water) and in honor of seeing Damien Rice at the El Rey on of my favorites from O :

Damien Rice - Cold Water (.mp3 - on Conan O'Brien)

*Your "Free" Ticket comes with 4 options:

OPTION ONE: Any Day. A coupon that is redeemable at Bear Mountain or Snow Summit for a FREE adult all-day interchangeable lift ticket ANY DAY until December 15, 2006.
OPTION TWO: Mid-Week. A coupon good beginning January 8, 2007 through the end of the 2007 season for a mid-week (Monday - Friday) , non-holiday 2 for 1 adult all-day lift ticket.
OPTION THREE: Night Sliding. A coupon for a FREE adult non-holiday night session at Snow Summit during the 2006-2007 season (weather permitting).
OPTION FOUR: Season Pass Discount. Attendees can get $30.00 Off any $100 or more 2006-2007 winter season pass right at the show.

Holiday Dates: January 13 - 15, 2007; February 17-19 2007.

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