Thursday, October 09, 2008

sigur rós @ Copley Hall in San Diego

Sigur armed with confetti canons

Yet another amazing show from our Icelandic friends Sigur Rós. I always enjoy seeing them in more classical venues where their sound can really envelope you from every angle and Copley Hall in Downtown San Diego came through. If you are a fan, and have never seen SR aren't a fan really are you? If you don't know SR very well, go to see them live and your world will change. They really put on an epic, moving, transcendent show. I may have to go out on a limb and say I would see Sigur Rós over Radiohead...I know, bite my tongue. Its true though...atleast for this past tour...SR gave me goosebumps, and RH did not. [BTW, happy belated 40th Thom!] Please enjoy my (reverb-filled) video montage from the show...

And don't forget my MUCH better video from their Heima Q&A performance last year at the New Yorker Festival.

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