Thursday, September 03, 2009

New Thom Yorke 12"

New vinyl singles coming from Thom (via deadairspace):
"FeelingPulledApartbyHorses is written & played by Jonny and I and is a radical rework of an old tune thats been kicking around without a home since 2001? i think.

The Hollow Earth is a bass menace that was born out of the Eraser period but needed a little more time."
Pre-order now at WASTE before the 9/21 release


And from Jonny Greenwood...a small interview on MP3 digital recordings in the New Yorker:
SFJ: What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of the MP3 age?

JG: The downside is that people are encouraged to own far more music than they can ever give their full attention to. People will have MP3s of every Miles Davis’ record but never think of hearing any of them twice in a row—there’s just too much to get through. You’re thinking, “I’ve got ‘Sketches of Spain and ‘Bitches Brew’—let’s zip through those while I’m finishing that e-mail.” That abundance can push any music into background music, furniture music.

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