Friday, October 09, 2009

Miike Snow (and no Jack Penate) @ Spaceland

Yeah...kinda freaky huh? Thankfully the shy Miike Snow removed their masks about 2 songs in an performed a very powerful set to the packed (and mostly annoying) crowd at Spaceland. I love taking pictures at concerts too (see above picture) but come you really need 15 shots in a row of one of the guys for every song they sing? Yeah I'm talking to you guy in the brown leather jacket. I'm starting to miss the days when security would shut you down for sneaking your camera in. With the cameraphone being so ubiquitous its clear that venues have pretty much given up on patrolling the trigger-happy crowds. I don't mind it in small doses but when it turns into more of a photography clinic than a concert, you got a problem. And I wouldn't be surprised if the band finds it a bit disrespectful that you are posing in front of the stage so your buddy can take a picture while the band is playing a fairly intimate song behind you.

As for the music, the guys of Miike Snow put on a very intense and amazing show. My only disappointment came at the end of the show when their last (15 min.) song turned Spaceland into a techno club. Sadly, with the delayed and thusly late start (10:45pm), I ended up having to leave before Jack Penate went on. I was actually looking forward to them more than Miike Snow but will have to just wait for the next tour. Come back soon Jack.


Anonymous said...

Any idea why such a late start????

I got really impatient, and I left around 10pm when the line was still to the corner.

Do you think I am entitled to getting my money back since I bought an advance ticket???

Glad you got to see Miike Snow. I was really looking forward to seeing them.

eric said...

Yeah no idea what happened. They were supposed to go on at 930...didn't really start til about 1030 I think. Jack Penate would've started around 1145 probably. I doubt you can get money back...venues are pretty stingy about that. Definetly check out Miike Snow next time...well worth it.

eda said...




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